Réserve naturelle du Bout du Lac  © Rémih

Doussard Nature Reserve Nearby nature fun on Lake Annecy!

This natural reserve located 2km from the campsite is crossed by a marked trail between the lake and the reed bed. Two of the four tributaries of Lake Annecy cut this wetland before feeding the lake. You can observe many species of animals and plants and if you're lucky even spot a few beavers!

A natural area crossed by two rivers feeding Lake Annecy, the Réserve du Bout du Lac is a marshy area that shelters an incredible biodiversity. The shores of the lake are not urbanized at the level of the reserve: these preserved banks are therefore the refuge of many animal species, and in particular many birds. In terms of flora, the reserve's wet meadows are renowned for their rare varieties of wild orchids. An educational trail crosses the various areas of the Reserve to allow visitors to discover the End of Lake ecosystem, its functioning, its challenges and the richness of the species that contribute to its balance. As a pedestrian, the trail is suitable for people with reduced mobility and strollers. Over a distance of just over 1.5 km, it invites you to take an exciting 45-minute walk. On the way, an old medieval tower has been converted into a privileged observatory for local fauna. Visits can be made freely or in the company of a nature guide. The trail is punctuated by very clear and illustrated educational panels. An unusual and refreshing walk not to be missed with the family!