Canyoning Adrenaline fuelled adventure in the Alps, Lake Annecy

For adrenaline junkies, do not miss the opportunity to jump, abseil and climb down beautiful natural canyons and waterfalls in the Alps by Lake Annecy. There are numerous canyons in the region suitable for all levels, from families who are first timers to experienced canyoners, there are canyons to suit all abilities. The canyon of Montmin is ideally situated within a 10 minute drive of the campsite and offers a range of jumps from 1 to 7 metres, natural water slides to slide down and abseiling through the canyon. If you visit Lake Annecy, this is a must do activity!

Canyoning is an activity that is not only for the great sportsmen: several levels of practice exist, from the most family to the most sensational and technical. The providers in the region offer canyoning experiences to be enjoyed with your family and your children from the age of 6: an ideal way to discover canyoning through a simple and fun journey lasting just over an hour. From the age of 10, it is possible to try more technical and slightly longer courses, with jumps, abseiling descents and thrilling water slides. These family packages are ideal for learning about the activity. From the age of 12, high sensations courses await you, in breathtaking scenery of waterfalls, rock passages and natural pools. Even the most sensational routes are therefore accessible to families. You will be supervised by experienced professionals and will complete the canyoning course in the best safety conditions, with helmets, ropes and harnesses. The equipment is provided by the club.